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Most listeners are familiar with our traditional one hour deep dive into one topic that is of interest to the federal information technology audience.  Here in February we have decided to change things up.  We are going to slice and dice the hour differently – today we take a look at four different apps that can increase productivity for listeners.

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Name of app: “Want to be a Bioengineer?”

Our first guest is Matt Briddell, vice president,  LCG systems

Use case:  It is always a challenge to get students interested in bioengineering by reviewing calculus notes.  In an attempt to use gamification, LCG has partnered with NIH to come up with an app called “Want to be an Bioengineer?”   Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are much more open to a game than a boring lecture.

To play on a computer

On your smart phone:


Google Play

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Name of app: “CompWALK”

Use case:  Many listeners have nightmares when they think of remotely collecting data.  Some still rely on paper — others rely on excel spreadsheets.  CompWALK allows audit, inspection, and other assessment data to be collected on a mobile device and then have that information stored in a secure location.  No duplicate data, no inconsistent reporting, you get one single version of the truth.

Our second guest is Chad Baker, director of Business Development,  CompWALK


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Name of app:  “XRM Mobile Inspections”

Use case:  Many agencies collect data and use a secure system like Microsoft CRM as a repository for that information.   Well known Microsoft partner Planet Technologies has  an app that allows you to collect data for integration to Microsoft CRM system.  Your job is to accurately evaluate a location, product, or system for compliance.  This app will make sure it is stored accurately and safely in your Microsoft CRM system.

Our third guest is Rocky Campione, vice president, Federal Practice Planet Technologies

Planet Technologies

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Name of app:  “Nintex”

Use case:  Just because you information sits in the Microsoft cloud doesn’t make you more productive.  There are assorted utilities and apps that can help.  Xgility is proven performer in the Microsoft Sharepoint system integration federal space.  The recommend an app from Nintex that can help you automate workflow and integrate into Microsoft’s SharePoint

Our fourth and final gues is Kurt Greening, director of Productivity Solutions, Xgility




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