Innovation in work boots: Mach37

Mach37 logosToday’s guests are three innovators from an exciting new incubator: Mach37.

During the interview, each one will show you how their new product will make life easier for federal information professionals.

The best kept secret in Washington, D.C. is the increasing number of incubation hubs that are forming. Although 1776 has gotten much of the publicity, Mach37 is an innovation hub that specializes in cybersecurity.

Since 2013, it has launched 29 new IT cybersecurity companies into the marketplace. Here are three outstanding startups that can help you.


Our first guest is Georgia Weidman

Title:  Founder & CTO

Company name: Shevirah

Focus: Shevirah is a provider of testing tools for assessing and managing the risk of mobile devices in the enterprise.

Use case:  Penetration test on existing mobile device protection.

Summary:  Who watches the watchman?  Shevirah.

= = =

Our second guest is Kyle Hanslovan

Title: CEO

Company name: Huntress Labs

Focus:  Huntress Labs’ security software finds malware missed by traditional antivirus services.

Use case: When preventative security products let malware slip through the cracks, Huntress is there to pick it up. Huntress enables junior System Administrators to detect and remediate compromised computers and servers before the infection becomes terminal.

Summary: If you are worrying about zero day attacks, you are a day late.


Our third guest is Michael Wellman

Title: CEO, Co-Founder

Company name:  Virgil Security

Focus: Virgil Security provides easy-to-deploy cryptographic software libraries and a cloud-based public key management service.

Use case:  If you’re building anything involving a software component, Virgil Security’s technology turns your developers into security experts (while remaining invisible to end users).

Summary: “Cryptography” is tough to spell and even harder to deploy.  Why not select a system that is easy to use?



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