Education options for federal IT workers

Today’s guests are Joshua Meredith, Assistant Dean, Georgetown University School for Continuing Studies and Mikah Sellers, chief digital officer at Grafik.  Sellers is a veteran and a member of the faculty.  They will discuss some options that federal information professionals have for increasing their skill at a graduate level.

Head shots of Meredith and Sellers
Joshua Meredith & Mikah Sellers

Listeners may be in a position where more formal education can give them the tools to assist their agency reach their goals.  Perhaps you are an experienced project manager and you may not want to be forced into an M.B.A. program with too much focus on small business.  The Master’s in Technology Management Program offered through the School of Continuing Studies from Georgetown University may be  one of your options.

Jesuit Universities have always stressed an ethical component of education.  During the interview Meredith reflects on the incorporation of ethics into every course and how it is timely given the headline news.

Sellers’ story should resonate with listeners. At the impressionable age of seventeen he entered the Navy.  Six years later he emerged as mature young man seeking to get an education. He managed to get one bachelor’s degree and four master’s degrees.  Sellers describes some of the diverse students he has worked with in the program.

If you are considering advancing your education, then listen to the interview to gain a better understanding of the diverse and fast growing program that Georgetown offers.