The culture of innovation

Today’s guest  LGS Innovations CEO Kevin Kelly. Kevin started off at Bell Labs has stayed with the essential parts of the company that handles federal government contracts.  Today, LGS Innovations is comprised of over 750 scientists and engineers who work on complex problems for many federal agencies.

Head shot of Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly, CEO, LGS Innovations

During the interview, Kelly details many of the ways LGS promotes innovation. For example, they support many local STEM initiative including a K -12 STEM symposium that attracted over 3,000 students.

When the typical listener hears about a company who works on inventing new ways to manage spectrum for federal communications you ask if they “eat their own dog food.”  They do.

LGS Innovations has borrowed a concept from Bell Labs and calls it LGS’ “Spark Week”.  LGS allows employees to “pitch” new ideas to the management team.  In true “shark tank” fashion, the bad ideas are discounted and the good ideas are rewarded.  In fact, in 2017 the “Spark Week” resulted in creative new ideas involving RF Photonics, Big Data Analytics, 4D sonar, and cybersecurity.

The culture of innovation started by Bell labs lives on in the activities of LGS innovators.


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