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What are the latest developments in cybersecurity and how will Quantum impact future cyber strategies? Find out when OODA co-founders Bob Gourley and Matt Devos...

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Every industry seems to have insiders who are well respected in specific vertical markets.  In the federal government, cyber security is a particularly closed community where reputations are not made by getting on the front page of The Washington Post, but by keeping splashy headlines OFF the front page of a national publication.

Group shot of Bob Gourley and Matt Devost
(L-R) Bob Gourley & Matt
Devost, Co-founders OODA LLC

Bob Gourley and Matt Devost, co-founders at OODA LLC are examples of people who have earned a reputation in the cyber community by grit and long-term strategy.  They have recently formed a company called OODA, LLC.  Certainly, the cognoscenti in the Pentagon know that OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act.

During the discussion, Devost details how he worked on several Red Teams at the Defense Department. For those out of the loop,  a “red team” is not the Boston Red Sox , but a designated set of people who go about testing the cyberdefense of a specific network.

Conversely, the “blue team” is the team that is determined to prevent the attack.

Gourley has three master’s degrees and decades of experience in cyberwarfare.   He comments on some observations like “the perimeter is the person,” or “he who owns identity owns the cloud,” and the “key management is of utmost importance in cybersecurity.”

The biggest takeaway is that OODA has a free newsletter that will you apprised of developments in the community.  Perhaps this is where we can learn how Quantum will impact future cyber strategies.

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