Artificial intelligence: “It gives you possibilities”

Aptima Chairman and CEO Daniel Serfaty and chief scientist Jared Freeman joined host John Gilroy this week to discuss artificial intelligence and how it can be ...

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy spoke with Daniel Serfaty, chairman and CEO, and his colleague, Jared Freeman, chief scientist at Aptima, Inc.

They demonstrated some practical applications of artificial intelligence.

Serfaty has been involved in the world of AI for decades, while Freeman has a PhD. in Human Learning and Cognition, making him a perfect choice for understanding how AI can work in teams. It is no wonder that Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency uses Aptima to help them with solving complicated problems.

Head shots of Serfaty and Freeman
Daniel Serfaty and Jared Freeman, Aptima

By now, most federal information technologies have heard about AI, but have seen precious little of it in use.  Many have read about large data stores and machine learning mining many data sets, but the final product, AI, is elusive.

About halfway through the interview, Gilroy met the surprise guest, “Charlie,” who joined by phone. Charlie was listening to the conversation and responded to questions. The plot twist: She lives in the cloud as an artificial intelligence initiative.

There are the normal connectivity glitches and delays through the Internet, but in one segment Charlie responded to a question and directed her own question to Freeman.

Years ago there was a television commercial about the American Express credit card. The tag line was, “It gives you possibilities.” Artificial intelligence can’t do everything, but it can be used to help humans overcome the deluge of data that is everywhere, to help you do your job better and faster, or learn precisely what you need to know and not what you already know.  It gives you possibilities.

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