Nora Pouillon to be honored and Bethesda to be tasted

Hosted by David and Nycci Ndellis.

This week’s topics include:

James McWhorter is back on Foodie And The Beast to fill us in on what is happening with the annual FreshFarm Feast gala on October 17th at Dock 5 at Union Market and … he has brought in with him famed chef, Nora Pouillon — who is being honored at the Feast;


· Michael Rafidi is the executive chef of Arroz, a Mike Isabella Concepts restaurant located at Marriott Marquis Washington D.C. and soon he and Isabella will open Requin at District Wharf where, as executive chef, he will offer a contemporary interpretation of classic French cuisine;

· Chef Ferhat Yalcin draws his inspiration from the simple preparations and fresh seafood dishes of the Bosphorus (he is from Turkey) and just returned from there. At Drift on 7 chef cooks up a variety of dishes sustainable and responsibly fished. Looking forward to learning more about what chef is up to these days;

· Taste of Bethesda returns Saturday, Oct. 7. Stephanie Coppula, director of marketing and communications for the Bethesda Urban Partnership and Florent de Felcourt, founder and CEO of Fresh Baguette, are in studio with delicious eats that you too can have when you join them next week;

· MurLarkey creates spirits with what co-founders Tom Murray and Mike Larkin call farm-to-flask values.