David Nellis

  • 18th century delights and 21st century challenges

    Ways to attack hunger and poverty, explore the foods of the past and have an amazing cocktail while doing it.

  • Drink something good, and do something good

    We explore cocktails that are yummy – and better for you! And we meet a South African who’s trying to some good in the world with a deceptively simple invention.

  • What, it’s New Year’s again?!

    This time we learn how to celebrate the new year the Thai way.

  • Cooking methods, really old and really new

    We learn what the ancient Minoans of Crete can teach us about cooking and we get acquainted with the latest nutrition knowledge and cooking technologies.

  • Cherry blossoms and a Mayflower

    The Mayflower still sets the standard for hotels in D.C. and it’s time to start enjoying cherry blossom-themed cocktails again. Plus, Samantha Brown is comin’ to town.

  • A day of wine, whiskey and beer

    The wines of La Mancha, tall boys for people of all sizes and doing the D.E.W.

  • Break open the bubbly!

    We celebrate our first show in our new studio with sparkling wine and lots of other goodies.

  • Chefs, chefs and more chefs!

    There are chefs in the kitchen, chefs behind the bar, and even chefs who oversee all the food offerings at your favorite hotels.

  • All shouk up. And yia-yia gets out.

    Israel’s favorite street food, shawarma, goes vegan. And your Greek grandma comes to cook for you.

  • All about sous vide

    Everything you need to know about sous vide and its origins — how and why it’s the solution to cooking success and truly delcious meals, at home or dining out.