A look at JEDI procurement

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This week’s Off the Shelf focused on the JEDI procurement. Marcia Madsen and David Dowd, partners at Mayer Brown LLP, and Alan Thomas, chief operating officer at IntelliBridge joined the show. They discuss the program, legal, policy, and market issues surrounding the JEDI procurement.

(L-R) Marcia Madsen, David Dowd, Allen Thomas

In the first half of the show, Madsen and Dowd addressed the legal and policy implications of the Department’s decision to pursue a single award IDIQ rather than a multi-award IDIQ. They  highlighted the statutory and regulatory framework for IDIQ contracting that emphasizes ongoing competition and the use of multi-award IDIQ contracts in the context of JEDI requirements. 

In the second half of the show, Thomas shared his insights regarding the state of the commercial cloud market and discussed the key management considerations in developing an overall acquisition strategy. He also provided his thoughts on the way forward for cloud procurements at the Department of Defense and the potential role that assisted service could play in supporting future efforts.

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