On DoD: A progress report for DoD’s Joint Information Environment

On this week’s edition of On DoD, a progress report on the Pentagon’s path toward what officials refer to as Joint Information Environment (JIE): the long effort to reorganize the military services’ IT systems into a more cohesive structure, leverage shared enterprise services and a single security architecture and reduce duplicative IT expenditures.

Joining us for the full hour are two of the officials overseeing the JIE effort from the DoD CIO’s office: Danielle Metz, the JIE project director, who formerly served as the program manager for Joint Regional Security Stacks within the Defense Information Systems Agency, and David Cotton, who became the new Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise in March.

In addition to this radio broadcast, Cotton and Metz joined Jared Serbu for a live Web chat, during which they fielded JIE questions from our listeners. A full transcript of that session is available here.

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