OPM retirement claims backlog hits 4-month low

The Office of Personnel Management chipped away at its retirement claims backlog during August, bringing its end-of-month inventory to its lowest level in four months.

Despite OPM receiving 8,826 new claims, the agency successfully processed 9,647 retirement claims for the month, reducing its inventory from 18,334 at the end of July to 17,513 at the end August.  That’s the most claims OPM has processed in a  single month since April, which had the lowest end-of-month inventory for all of 2018.

Year-over-year, OPM processed about 1,500 more claims in August 2018 than it did in August 2017.

OPM also succeeded in bringing its average processing time to a five-month low. It now takes OPM an average of 56 days to process a retirement claim, with the fiscal year-to-date average standing at 58 days.