2018 midterm elections

  • A 3.6 percent pay raise: What are the odds?

    With Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives, unions and groups representing workers, retirees, managers and executives are increasingly confident they can deliver a substantial raise to white collar feds next year.

  • Beating bureaucrats is bad politics

    The Republican party could possibility retake control of the House in 2020 and might not have lost it in 2018 if more of its middle-America politicians learned a few things about federal bureaucrats.

  • Tops on House Democrats’ to-do list: Try to end shutdown

    House Democrats are sweeping into power on a campaign promise of improving government for ordinary Americans

  • It’s 2019 — they said it couldn’t be done

    This year was a crazy one for members of the federal family, with many legislative threats to retirement plans as well as efforts to make it much easier to fire civil servants.

  • Weaning FERS folks from diet COLAs

    Federal retirement systems, CSRS and FERS, have been under attack for several years, primarily because a group of House Republicans wanted to make the FERS program less costly to taxpayers and less beneficial to its retirees.

  • Newly divided government could bring headaches for feds

    Few people feel the whiplash of policy changes and oversight enthusiasms more than career federal executives. Bill Valdez, president of the Senior Executives Association, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for his take.

  • After election, new NASCIO president has advice for lame duck state CIOs

    With election results portending as many as 20 new governors next year, what advice does NASCIO President and Delaware state CIO James Collins have for the affected state IT leaders who want to keep their job?

  • Industry report attempts to define vision for future government leaders

    After 20 years of studying public servants, the IBM Center for the Business of Government has published a sort of summary book with advice for a bumpy future.

  • How to restore order for government oversight despite political divide

    Post-midterm election, POGO’s Justin Rood joined Federal Drive to provide tips for government oversight as political divides widen

  • Fed unions taking victory laps

    Unions representing federal and postal workers may be among the biggest winner in Tuesday’s midterm elections.  Most went all out — though not exclusively — for Democratic candidates.