Agricultural Research Service

  • Feds dig deep, literally, to help others

    The annual Feds Feed Families drive takes a national problem to the local level.

  • Agricultural Research Service admin. inducted into NAPA

    Whether its animal genomics or the pathogens on grape vines, chances are the Agricultural Research Service is looking into it.

  • ARS molecular biologist recognized for climate and crop research

    This week Federal Drive with Tom Temin is talking with three female federal scientists who have received recognition from the National Academies of Science.

  • VA lays out standards for veterans to see private doctors

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Veterans Affairs Department releases its much anticipated community care standards, which lay out what veterans are allowed to get medical treatment from non-VA doctors.

  • USDA employee recognized for over 5 decades of civil service

    Johnie Jenkins wins his second Presidential Rank Award after almost 58 years spent at the Agriculture Research Service. He joins Federal News Network to talk about his career.

  • The changing face of peanut allergies

    Soheila Maleki, a lead scientist in food allergy research at the Agricultural Research Service in New Orleans, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss how peanut allergies are changing.

  • Thank a patent examiner

    They toil in relative obscurity to help enable invention and the economic progress it brings.

  • Dr. Pamela Starke-Reed: USDA creates nutritional information database

    The Agriculture Department is aiming to create an online database of nutritional data for all the packaged food. It’s called the New Open Data Partnership for Public Health. Dr. Pamela Starke-Reed, deputy administrator for Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality at the Agricultural Research Service, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more.

  • Hyun Lillehoj: Research is a ‘game changer’ for poultry industry

    The commercial poultry industry is getting safer thanks to the work of Hyun Lillehoj. She’s senior research molecular biologist at the Agricultural Research Service and has been with USDA for more than 30 years. Her research has helped prevent and treat diseases in commercial poultry without the use of traditional antibiotic drugs. She’s a finalist for a Service to America Medal in the career achievement category for making the world’s poultry supply safer for all of us and making U.S. producers more competitive around the world. She tells In Depth guest host Jared Serbu about her work which has been described as a “game-changer” for the poultry industry.