air traffic control

A federally funded lab comes up with a potential solution to safe use of drones in the national air space

Manned and unmanned aircraft operating safely together is still an air traffic control challenge. It’s a step closer to a solution thanks to an award-winning…

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Mick Mulvaney

Trump budget plan doubles down on government reorganization

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Gerald Dillingham: Will air traffic control become its own entity?

Call it privatizing. Call it restructuring. Call it anything, but separating the nation’s air traffic control program to a new and differently-funded entity…

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Sharon Pinkerton: Next generation air traffic control

The FAA has been promising the next generation air traffic control system for a decade. A few cities have it, but the roll-out has been slow. Some frustrated…

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Peter Dumont, President, Air Traffic Control Association

Members of Congress from both parties have signaled they’re ready to consider privatizing air traffic control, or at least changing how it’s funded. One reason is the FAA’s struggle to modernize the systems that support safe flight. Many in Washington are wondering whether the system would function more efficiently as a commercial entity. Pete Dumont, president of the trade group Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to present ATCA’s feelings on the matter.

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