Alan Chvotkin

  • Other Contracting Changes

    The Defense Department is considering changes to the workers compensation guidelines that cover defense contractors. Alan Chvotkin, Senior Vice President of the Professional Services Council, joins us to explain what Defense Base Act Insurance (doc)…

  • More Cuts Coming

    Budget cuts, attrition, and hiring freezes top the list of ways private companies are handling the current economic situation. That’s according to a new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. Alan Chvotkin is…

  • Federal News Countdown for April 30th

    My weekly countdown of the three most important Federal news stories of the week as chosen by my expert panel.

  • Analysis: accountability of foreign contractors challenged

    Congress is looking for ways to make sure foreign contractors follow U.S. laws and regulations. Alan Chvotkin, Executive Vice President and Counsel at the Professional Services Council has details.

  • Part 2: Unique needs, high fees propel increases in agencywide contracts

    DHS, VA say they need their own multiple award contracts because they want vendors who are familiar with their processes and requirements. Others say agencies want the ”glory” of running large procurements and are unhappy with GSA’s fees. GSA is trying to address the perception of poor customer service as a way to bring more agencies into the fold.

  • Contract Overload, part 3: OFPP ready to set tone for the future of MACs.

    Congressional staff members call the current MAC environment ”chaos.” The administration will decide in a matter of weeks whether NIH should continue to run its CIO-SP3 governmentwide contract. OFPP administrator Gordon says several broad policy decisions must be made to address the challenges around multiple award contracts.

  • ‘Inherently Governmental’ still too fuzzy say contractors

    The Professional Services Council is concerned that agencies could misinterpreted the policy letter as a mandate to insource. PSC’s Alan Chvotkin explains why.

  • OFPP previews the future of in and outsourcing

    The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is recommending all agencies use only the definition of inherently governmental as defined in the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act, and create a test to determine whether other jobs should be done only by federal employees. OFPP’s Dan Gordon has details.

  • GSA spearheads effort to green the supply chain

    The General Services Administration is working to conform to a Presidential order mandating that companies who sell goods and services to the Federal government reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Ten months after that order was issued, GSA now has a green light from the White House to proceed with a voluntary, phased-in, incentive-driven program to get companies who sell to GSA to report their greenhouse gas footprint. And one industry trade group weighs in on the recommendations.

  • Countdown: IT reform, DoD funding and ‘Treasure Cheese’

    Dan Chenok of the IBM Center for the Business of Government and Alan Chvotkin of the Professional Services Council join Francis Rose to count down the top federal news stories of the week.