• Tablets flood market, shape mobile workforce

    The release of the iPad2 – Apple’s latest version of its tablet computer – is not just hype but a sign of an increasingly mobile federal workforce.

  • Can the iPad 2 help you on the job?

    With the release of the iPad 2 coming in the next few days, the tablet technology could soon transform the way you do your job.

  • Apple hires former Navy cryptologist

    David Rice has also served as a Global Network Vulnerability analyst for the National Security Agency, sources tell Computer Business Review.

  • NIST outlines criteria for Apple to enter gov market

    NIST’s Randall Easter outlines what Apple would have to do in order to make its products available for government jobs.

  • McAfee: Cyber attacks on Apple products to increase

    SC Magazine reports that Macs and other Apple products will be targets of malware in 2011.

  • U.K. bans iPhones, iPads for gov workers

    Info Security reports that the U.K. ban on Apple’s iPhone and iPad is due to the company’s refusal to allow British intelligence review the source code.

  • Feds prepare for explosion in mobile devices, apps

    Agencies are testing an assortment of smartphones and tablet computers to improve how their workforces meet their missions. But there still are questions about the security of these devices.

  • DoD evalutes weapons plan for cyberspace attacks

    What operating system has the more serious vulnerabilities?

  • NASA gives employees iPhone option

    The space agency also is testing other smartphone devices, including the Android and iPad. It is one of the first agencies to approve the issuance of iPhones to employees. Employees also have the ability to develop applications for smartphones.

  • Army sees bright future in new acquisition approach

    The service names 25 software tools as winners in the Apps for the Army contest. Lt. Gen. Sorenson says the competition proves agile software development can be done well in the Army. He says a new memo is coming out that will change how the Army develops apps in the future.