• Managers take a bite of Apple for their agencies

    David Johnson, a senior analyst at Forrester, has been looking at what managers need to do to integrate Apples into their agency’s network.

  • Time to integrate Macs at your agency

    Forrester’s David Johnson explains the steps you need to take to bring in Apple technology.

  • VA’s mobile strategy aims for flexibility, multiple devices

    The Veterans Affairs Department wants to hedge its bets when it comes to its planned rollout of up to 100,000 tablet devices. IT leaders worry about the unpredictability of the mobile technology landscape, and don’t want to spend millions to develop apps for a platform that risks being superseded by a competitor.

  • VA to slow-roll use of smartphones, tablets on network

    Roger Baker, the Veterans Affairs Department chief information officer, said only about 1,000 users will have agency supplied devices that will be allowed to access VA systems. VA eventually wants to create an apps store where externally and internally developed software will be made available for doctors, nurses and other employees.

  • Which is safer: Macs or Windows?

    There is nothing inherently more secure about Apple, according to one expert.

  • Smartphone and tablet cyberattacks growing

    Cyberattacks increasingly target smartphones and tablets

  • Army readies second apps challenge

    The Army will open its next Apps for Army challenge to industry and the public, officials said Friday. The process is focused on developing capabilities that are not dependent on any particular platform.

  • Where have all the PCs gone?

    Teleworkers may have the Apple picked for them.

  • Will iPad replace your work computer?

    Carolina Milanesi of Gartner discusses Apple’s domination of the tablet market.

  • FAA concerned over bandwidth, not security with iPads

    The Air Traffic Organization is in the middle of one of the largest pilots in government testing mobile computing devices. ATO CIO Steve Cooper said business organizations must have a valid need to use the devices. Cooper said ATO will test other mobile devices this spring.