autonomous systems

  • The future of AI and autonomous systems

    Yung Huh Wong, a research analyst at the Rand Corporation, joins host Derrick Dortch on this week’s Fed Access to talk about the impact of an increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and autonomous unmanned systems to settle military conflicts.

  • New lab examines mobile autonomous systems

    The Mitre Corporation, which operates federally funded research and development centers, has set up a lab to explore mobile autonomous systems.

  • Putting robotics/autonomous systems to work in defense and security

    What are the implications of the growing importance of robotics and autonomous systems for military operations? How else is the Royal Netherlands Army (NL Army) using innovative technology? Michael Keegan explored these questions and more with Major General C.J. Matthijssen, Deputy Commander, NL Army and Lieutenant Colonel Martijn H├Ądicke, Commander Robotic Autonomous Systems Project, 13rd Infantry Division, NL Army.