To optimize your agency’s cloud usage, consider optimizing your people

The ability to quickly spin up a new app or access compute on demand are typical of the capabilities that make cloud’s OpEx cost model attractive. AWS…

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/Who_I_amCloud computing technology internet storage concept with circuit board. Internet data services. Vector illustration

ThunderCat is agencies’ “easy button” for migrating workloads to AWS through VMware

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Is the CIA’s new cloud procurement a signal to DoD to update JEDI?

Industry experts say the CIA’s C2E cloud procurement demonstrates that a multi-cloud, multi-vendor approach is necessary for the agency’s needs of…

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DoD’s new JEDI investigation is focused on one Amazon employee, court filings say

The government’s motion indicates DoD has new reasons to suspect JEDI was afflicted by an improper conflict involving Deap Ubhi, who worked for AWS both…

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Ignore the Shiny Object. Focus on Outcomes.

The cloud can help free people up from the undifferentiated heavy lifting of common problems like compliance or intrusion detection. Agencies can save hundreds of staff hours by utilizing automation tools offered by cloud service providers.

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