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Another attempt to determine if federal employees are underpaid

Do federal employees make more or less than people with similar jobs in the private sector? It’s a question often asked, often answered, and never settled.

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Congressional Budget Office offers ‘bold’ options to cut defense spending

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Trump military agenda could cost nearly $700B extra over 10 years

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Steve Mnuchin

CBO: Debt ceiling will be reached by late March

In today’s Federal Newscast, the Congressional Budget Office says the Treasury Department will run out of funds by late March unless it’s raised.

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Net Worth

Latest study on federal compensation puts public, private pay gap at widest margin yet

In yet another study on federal employee compensation finds public sector workers, on average, earn 80 percent more than private sector workers.

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Escaping retirement change: Can you beat the clock?

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says feds still have time — retirement changes aren’t set in stone (or legislation) yet.

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