USDA relocation

USDA to pay SNAP benefits through February despite shutdown

Faced with a partial government shutdown with no certain end in sight, the Agriculture Department has come up with a budgetary workaround to ensure Supplemental…

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Personnel is Navy’s ‘greatest asset,’ but also challenge, says secretary

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Larry Allen: 3 ways contractors should prepare for March 23 deadline

Larry Allen joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to provide advice on ways contractors can be prepared for when the CR runs out again on March 23.

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David Hawking, senior editor, Roll Call

David Hawkings: Congress is back. What’s next?

Congress is back after a 10 day recess. Roll Call’s David Hawkings tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin what’s up ahead in budget talks.

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Larry Allen: Service contractors struggle under continuing resolution

The government is still operating under a continuing resolution and Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, told Federal News Radio that service contractors are struggling.

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