• How US postal inspectors go ‘undercover’ on the dark web

    For federal agents investigating cybercrimes, gathering open source intelligence is a lot like going undercover.

  • Free accounting software programs – January 5, 2019

    Hosted by Dr. Richard Shurtz and Jim Russ. Sponsored by Stratford University. How to find accounting software programs that are free and open source. Also, learn about Ethereum, which is already the most famous cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

  • Reflections with Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel

    Join host Michael Keegan as he welcomes outgoing two-term Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel to reflect on his public service career and his pursuit of innovative initiatives around financial transparency, leveraging technological advances such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, and enhancing how his office does business.

  • The dangers of dabbling in cryptocurrency

    Owen Donley, with the Securities and Exchange Commission, discusses cryptocurrencies.

  • How blockchain helps donors track their charity dollars

    Clay Buckley, president of Cause Network, discusses how his company uses technology and innovation to help charities gain funds and help people in need. Blockchain, among other technologies, are allowing donors to see exactly where their money is going in the charity of their choice.

  • Riding the cryptocurrency wave in the DC region

    One of the most interesting up-and-coming technologies in the region is in the field of cryptocurrency. To talk about how the technology has a murky, but promising, future, we’re joined by Charlie Kiser, CEO of Atlas Cloud Enterprises.

  • Dylan Yaga: What does blockchain really mean for the future of currency?

    Scientist Dylan Yaga explains future of cryptocurrency applications at the National Standards of Institute and Technology, and beyond.

  • Peek into 2018: small business, the internet & cryptocurrency

    Mark Walsh, former head of the Office of Innovation and Investment at the Small Business Administration, shares his predictions on 2018. Walsh is a local angel investor and one of the pioneers of the modern internet.

  • Local firm disrupts patent industry with digital currency

    Inventors and small businesses must ensure their intellectual property isn’t stolen by larger companies. Creating currencies might be the solution.

    “Effectively, we have a do-it-yourself search tool,” said John Wise, founder of Loci. “It’s called InnVenn. It’s really simple to use, you can buy it right through your law firm, and it’s protected by attorney-client privilege.”