cyber strategy

  • Cybersecurity: It’s not an island

    Chris Townsend, vice president, Sales and Operations, Federal at Symantec, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss a wide variety of cybersecurity issues including how to improve information sharing among agencies, and tips on who to map out a cyber strategy to agency needs. November 12, 2018.

  • Trump boosting offensive capabilities in cyber strategy

    The White House is warning foreign adversaries that the U.S. is preparing to step up its offensive cyber capabilities as part of a new government-wide strategy

  • GAO slams lack of cyber progress as Congress gets involved

    A new High Risk series report from the Government Accountability Office took the federal government to task over its lack of action on cybersecurity issues, but House lawmakers passed a few bills that aimed at improving the situation.

  • Rogers: US cyber defenses ‘not optimized for speed’

    USCYBERCOM’s top official says agencies understand their roles and responsibilities for cyber defense, but not how to coordinate their responses quickly.

  • Vice Joint Chiefs: DoD cyber strategy ‘too predictable’

    Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James Cartwright blasted the policy, calling it way too predictable and purely defensive.

  • Fixing America’s cybersecurity problem

    Federal and military websites are under fire from hackers, according to Richard Stiennon, host of the ”Threat Chaos” blog. He told Federal News Radio what he thinks needs to be done to fix that problem.

  • How will WH cyber strategy impact DHS?

    What difference will the White house’s Cybersecurity Proposal make? You’ll find out next from Larry Clinton, president and CEO of the Internet Security Alliance.

  • Pentagon cyber strategy complete

    The Pentagon is finalizing a new cyber warfighting strategy that will create a framework for training and equipping forces.