Cybersecurity: It’s not an island

Chris Townsend, vice president, Sales and Operations, Federal at Symantec, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss a wide variety of ...

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In most cybersecurity discussions, Symantec is the 5-ton elephant in the room. After all, it has been in business since 1982, has thousands of employees and has billions of dollars in sales.

Head shot of Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend, vice president, Sales & Operations, Federal, Symantec

Symantec just finished a wildly successful conference and Chris Townsend, vice president of sales and operations, federal, joined host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk to show listeners what today’s Symantec means to them.  During the interview he talked about sharing information among agencies, reacting to cyber threats, mapping cyber strategy to agency needs and the strength of public/private partnerships.

One important takeaway from the discussion it the idea that cybersecurity is not an island — it is not just the responsibility of the chief information officer or the chief information security officer, but everyone on staff. Townsend talked about some of the most malicious attacks are still phishing.

If you are seeking on controlling the weak point in cybersecurity, the human, one may want to look at a system that can enforce policies rather than having federal employees. Symantec has over 30 products that can be assembled to meet the specific needs of agencies small and large

Townsend reinforced the importance of having some kind of a systematic approach to cybersecurity.  This is due the avalanche of data from IoT devices and new mutations in clouds – like hybrid clouds.

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