• Moran, Davis offer insights into bipartisanship

    Two veteran lawmakers analyze stimulus passage.

  • Nurturing new ideas at your agency

    New ideas are great, but how can you implement them at your agency? How can you foster the development of new ideas in the first place? William Eggers is with Deloitte and has written two…

  • How to become a serial innovator

    By Dorothy Ramienski Internet Editor FederalNewsRadio It isn’t always easy to innovate. So you should probably try and fail. “You need failure to have innovation because innovation requires experimentation, but how can you fail and…

  • What’s ahead for WH cybersecurity ‘czar’

    Three men with different perspectives on the White House cybersecurity ’czar’ weigh in on the impending nomination. One, former Virginia Congressman Tom Davis, is said to be under consideration for the job. But does he want it?

  • Cybersecurity Czar: The First 100 Days

    Yesterday, the Harris Corporation held a Cyberspace Power Lunch at the National Press Club to go over what to expect in the cyber czar’s first 100 days. Three experts were on hand to provide the…

  • Deloitte: Hold the eggs, grab a paint brush

    As we’ve been telling you, the Association of Government Accountants held its annual conference this week. These kinds of conferences are known for their breakfast get-togethers but one organization attending the event decided to do…

  • Social networks enhance federal career advancement

    There are many paths to career advancement in the federal government. And those paths are just a little smoother because of some new ways to communicate available to just about any fed.

  • HReinvented: Why NSPS didn’t work

    In our ongoing series, HReinvented, Ruby Butler DeMesme, Director of Human Capital Innovative Market Strategy for Deloitte and a former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force tells us why she believes one of the most infamous pay-for-performance systems, the National Security Personnel System, didn’t work out as planned.

  • OPM takes smaller steps to modernize retirement processes

    Agency Director John Berry will hire someone to oversee the new approach to automating and calculating retirement data. Berry says he hopes to make up to 70 percent of the most common calculations electronic. OPM also just has begun a results oriented pilot in two offices as part of a workplace flexibility initiative.

  • OPM tests letting feds work without a schedule

    During this Public Service Recognition Week, officials across the federal government are aware of the need to attract and retain the best and brightest workers. But how do you do that for a new generation of workers who have expectations and needs beyond a paycheck and some good benefits? The Office of Personnel Management offered details on one of their new workplace initiatives for a Senate committee on Tuesday.