Former Deloitte executive says trust is the key to effective leadership

Deborah Sills, consultant and advisor at Debbie Sills LLC, joins host Aileen Black on  this week’s Leaders and Legends.

Sills is a versatile leader with over thiry years of experience helping organizations transform their business through strategy and technology based innovation.

Deborah Sills

Prior to forming her own consulting company, Sills served as the global leader for Deloitte’s Government and Public Sector practice and as the leader of its Government and Public Sector (GPS) Sustainability, Climate and Equity Market. Under Sill’s leadership, Deloitte’s GPS consulting practice grew from three billion dollars in 2019 to six billion dollars in 2022.

During the show, Sills talks about the keys to effective leadership including how to build trust and respect within your organization.

“In a large firm like Deloitte, you need to learn it is not the office you hold or the position, to truly lead and drive innovation and change you have to earn the trust and respect of your team. You need to show you sincerely care about the people and lead by example.”

Her advice to the next generation of leaders is to look at your career as a journey and not a destination.

She says, “You need to keep challenging yourself and do what you love and have passion for.”

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