Department of the Navy

  • Navy creating new Senate-confirmed position to oversee IT, cyber issues

    The Navy plans to eliminate its office of Assistant Secretary for Installations, Energy and Environment in favor of a new Senate-confirmed position: Assistant Secretary for Information Management.

  • Navy may restructure its IT org chart for second time in a year

    The Navy department is considering the creation of a new assistant secretary for information management, a role that could extend well beyond that of a traditional CIO.

  • HBCUs & the US Navy: All hands on deck

    Anthony Smith,┬ádirector of the Department of the Navy’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institution (HBCU/MI) program., joins host Derrick Dortch on this week’s Fed Access to discuss how the program is helping the Navy increase and diversify its pool of researchers and analysts.

  • Bryan Clark: Navy needs to be restructured to meet future defense needs

    Beyond arguing for a larger fleet, authors of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments report on the potential boost of defense funding, say the Navy needs to be re-structured to meet likely future threats. Bryan Clark, a senior fellow at the center, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss what that re-imagined fleet would look like.

  • Navy must cut IT business systems spending by 25 percent

    The Navy readies RFIs for email and data storage to figure out how to best reduce spending on non-mission critical systems. Navy CIO Terry Halvorsen is exploring whether DON’s non-classified email can be hosted by a third party, and whether a public-private partnership can be developed around data centers. Navy has no plans to use the DISA email system.

  • ‘Ruthless’ cost cutting coming to Navy IT

    Terry Halvorsen, the Department of the Navy’s chief information officer, said the Navy and Marine Corps should expect ruthless cost cutting in information technology. Halvorsen said if the services don’t cut costs themselves, it will be done for them.

  • CIO Council releases Web 2.0 tool guidance for agencies

    New document outlines best practices, ideas and what to avoid when deploying 2.0 tools at your agency.

  • Navy CIO Carey discusses recently issued Web 2.0 guidance

    There has been all sorts of talk about Web 2.0 and security, and the Defense Department is on the front lines of that discussion. We are expected the DoD policy on these Web 2.0 tools…