Don Parente

  • Next Gen Federal Networks 2019/2020 “Progress & Best Practices”

    This program provides a progress report on next gen federal networks.

  • Leading the Future: Delivering Tomorrow’s Army Network Today. Part 5.

    Today’s Armed Forces need advanced technologies to stay ahead of our nation’s adversaries and better inform the battlefield.

    In this five-part series, AT&T innovators and leaders on the front lines of network transformation discuss intelligence at the edge, as-a-service models, smart technologies, security, and more.

  • Leading the Future: Delivering the Federal Network of Tomorrow – Today. Part 6.

    The network today is dramatically different. The explosion of data is unprecedented. And the cyber landscape is rapidly changing every day. The federal government is at an historic cross roads when it comes to IT transformation.

    In this six-part series, hear from industry innovators and leaders on how federal agencies can make the Move to Modernization.

  • Leading the Future: Delivering Tomorrow’s Air Force Network Today. Part 6.

    The Air Force is on a mission. Overhauling IT infrastructure will better serve future warfighters. That’s not an easy task. Which is why adopting commercial networking technologies can jumpstart transformation.

    In this six-part series. hear from industry innovators and leaders on how deploying Enterprise IT “as a service” today can yield long-term benefits for the Air Force.