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  • Tammy Flanagan: OPM retirement process falling behind the times

    The retirement expert said that when a federal employee retires, the process is still painfully analog but changes have been made.

  • Are you and your fellow feds red, blue or puce?

    The federal family of working civil servants, retirees, spouses, friends and family is old enough to vote, and with many good reasons to vote.

  • How federal employees are saving money on this essential benefit

    Federal employees are turning to a Delaware insurance company to save money on necessary safety nets.

  • Telework: Heading in two different directions?

    While some agencies are cutting back on the number of teleworkers, and the time they can spend working from home, others are thinking about expanding it to cut real estate costs.

  • Teleworking: Here to stay or going away? You tell us

    Federal News Radio’s web team joins Senior Correspondent Mike Causey to answer common questions about teleworking.

  • Teleworking: Is it on the way out?

    Federal News Radio digital editors and writers David Thornton and Terry Wing will answer common questions about teleworking and Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko will explain why some TSP investors are not taking full advantage of the TSP’s blended retirement plan. April 25, 2018

  • Fed unions hope to flip the House

    The American Federation of Government Employees and have endorsed congressional candidates whom they hope will advocate for federal worker pay going forward.

  • 2019 pay raise: Bad news cancels good news

    See how your salary compare to feds doing exactly the same jobs in the same agency but in another city.

  • Professional liability insurance gives federal employees affordable protection

    Federal employees are turning to a unique form of insurance to protect their families and careers. Federal employee professional liability insurance, a form of insurance that covers legal fees and liability costs for current and former federal employees, is the latest tool for federal government workers to protect their careers, reputations and families. In the current legal climate, FEPLI fills an important niche.

  • Being a fed in DC is not the same as the rest of the country

    Feds would all be better off if they recognize the differences and the similarities between D.C. and field employees, but commentator Jeff Neal is not optimistic that will happen any time soon.