federal retirement

  • Time to rethink federal pay and benefits

    No one gets paid what they deserve. But everyone deserves a little stability.

  • Do feds need Medicare when they already have FEHB?

    Jagger Esch, President & CEO of Elite Insurance Partners & MedicareFAQ.com, clarifies how Federal Employee Health Benefits and Medicare work together.

  • Federal workforce sees slight drop in retirement claims in July

    Recent Office of Personnel Management retirement numbers show less claims in July, an increase in claims processed and a decrease in processing time.

  • Retired feds avoid high-tax states

    Are there states where retirees can get tax breaks and enjoy a better standard of living? Short answer: Yes.

  • Legislators try for 10th time to get seniors bigger COLA

    In today’s Federal Newscast, legislation in both the House and Senate aims to guarantee every senior a Social Security cost of living adjustment with an annual floor of no less than 3%.

  • Timing your retirement isn’t rocket science, but no cake walk

    Benefits expert Tammy Flanagan, will be Mike Causey’s guest today on Your Turn, airing 10 a.m. EDT, streaming on www.federalnewsnetwork.com or on 1500 AM in the Washington, D.C., area.

  • Fed up with being a fed?

    Retirement expert John Grobe, himself a former fed, said the length and uncertainty of the recent shutdown has a lot more people thinking about retirement, or just leaving government for greener pastures.

  • Springtime brings thoughts of vacation, retirement

    Federal retirement planning expert Tammy Flanagan joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for some of the important questions that need asking before making the decision to retire.

  • Are you on the government’s endangered species list?

    If Uncle Sam kept a list of endangered workers, folks under the old Civil Service Retirement System would be at the top. Less than six of every 100 workers still on the payroll are under the system that was phased out in the mid 1980s.

  • Federal retirees get a win from the Supreme Court

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a federal retiree who says the state of West Virginia unfairly taxed his annuity income.