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Effective federated cybersecurity requires balancing situational awareness and response

As government and critical infrastructure sectors prepare to confront a rapidly evolving threat landscape, coordinating security across organizations has…

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Trust issues: Three tips for agencies implementing OMB’s zero trust guidance

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Securing cloud environments is more important than ever

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Cyber protections for critical infrastructure must have a dual focus

Philip Quade, the chief information security officer for Fortinet, said because of the growing use of IoT devices, agency cyber executives and other leaders…

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Better and more efficient cybersecurity in a hybrid world

To have high assurance of successful cloud implementations, agencies must constantly re-evaluate their security foundations.

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Report: Nearly 2x more cyber vulnerabilities exploited in January

Cyber-crooks jacked-up their attempts to hack into systems last month. The monthly threat landscape report from Fortinet says hackers exploited close to twice as many vulnerabilities as usual in January. A breakdown in InfoSecurity says…

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