The future of cybersecurity: A digital big bang

Phil Quade, the Chief Information Security Officer for Fortinet, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss his new book: "The Digital B...

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy interviewed Phil Quade,  chief information security officer for Fortinet. They discussed cybersecurity from a detached view, and drew a parallel between the “big bang” creation theory and what is happening today.

Head shot of Phil Quade
Phil Quade, CISO, Fortinet

Quade is a well-know expert in the area of cybersecurity. He started off his career at the National Security Agency and made several transitions to end up as the CISO of Fortinet. He has recently published a book titled, “The Digital Big Bang: The Hard Stuff, the Soft Stuff, and the Future of Cybersecurity.”

His thesis is that the dominant view on creation these days is a concept call the Big Bang — something emits from nothing. This is a question that has philosophers and astrophysicists debating ceaselessly.

In his book, Quade argues that we are in the middle of another kind of transition.  He submits that today many pieces of the digital world are creating a kind creation moment that is different from anything that has come before; hence the phrase “digital” big bang.

The reason this concept is important for federal information technology is that the book is a compendium of 33 authors, most whom have had deep experience in federal technology. The topics include strategy, patching, training, cryptography, access control, and even human frailty.

October is cybersecurity month and companies are trying to do creative things to promote cybersecurity. This month, Fortinet has decide to give away free copies of Quade’s book. Click here.

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