• Using application services to enhance government customer experience

    GDIT’s Janek Claus, DevOps capability lead and Jay Olsen, director of application services discuss how the correct methodology can complete tasks quickly and with appropriate compliance.

  • Maximizing data and analytics can lead agencies to increased capabilities, efficiencies

    Dave Vennergrund is director of the data and analytics practice at General Dynamics Information Technology. He recently joined Federal News Radio to discuss the impact and importance of data and analytics in government.

  • Secure cloud migration in government requires measured approach

    During Cloud Month, read about why a federal transition to the technology has to be approached from a holistic perspective.

  • Managed services enters a new era

    Perhaps the first generation of managed services was ahead of its time. No more. Given the rapid maturation of cloud-hosted applications, more ubiquitous bandwidth, and the greater need to manage costs, more federal agencies are engaging with contractors for managed services.

  • IT modernization: A roadmap to progress

    Stanley Tyliszczak, staff vice president for Technology Integration and chief engineer within General Dynamics Information Technology’s Chief Technology Office, discusses IT modernization and strategies to meet the evolving IT needs in the federal market. February 20, 2018

  • General Dynamics to pay $9.6B to acquire CSRA

    Global aerospace and defense giant General Dynamics announced Monday that it entered into an agreement to acquire the IT company CSRA.

  • Tactical Cloudlets: Mobile Computing Readies for Battle

    During 14 years of war in the Middle East, Marines and soldiers came to rely on having ready access to computers. And the more capability they had, the more they wanted. Fuel trucks became targets for insurgents, and defending them became an extra burden for troops. Clearly, a more efficient solution was needed.

  • JIE: ‘Building the Fort Knox of Network Security’

    Over the next three years, the military will deploy a series of sophisticated gateways to better protect its vast network from external attack, according to Army Col. Scott Jackson, who oversees construction of the Joint Informational Environment or JIE.

  • Identity Verification on the Border: How Fast Can it Get?

    According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), it takes about 20 seconds to identify and verify each person’s identity using government databases to determine whether or not the individual is on a watch list or unwelcome on U.S. soil for any reason. That’s not fast enough.

  • Security Clearance Reform: Continuous Evaluation Gains Traction

    The Federal government’s security clearance system is outdated and needs to be replaced, but fixing it is going to take time because the government is still years away from fully developing a continuous evaluation process that can replace today’s once-every-five-years investigations.