George Washington University

  • IT modernization, rapid procurement is a national security imperative

    Richard Beutel and Andrew Caron make the case for why Congress should expand rapid acquisition authorities to all agencies.

  • New government contracting center aims to fill independent research, education void

    George Mason University in Virginia officially launched the Center for Government Contracting to focus on policy, business and regulatory issues that impact the federal procurement process.

  • DHS pushes Congress to act on cyber reorg, protection from enemy drones

    The Homeland Security secretary says changing the name of the National Protection and Programs Directorate is more than cosmetic, while also calling for new authorities to chase terrorist drones.

  • Opportunity and change at the higher education level: a conversation with Loretta Early

    Universities, higher education and technology are experiencing an unprecedented time of change and opportunity. Join us as we exploring IT in higher education with Loretta Early George Washington University’s Chief Information Officer.

  • Richard Pierce Jr.: One problem with the Regulatory Accountability Act

    The Senate Regulatory Accountability Act is designed to use better science, strengthen checks and balances and give the public more of a voice in federal rule-making. GWU law professor Robert Pierce joined Federal Drive to explain why he believes there is a ‘glaring error’ in the bill.

  • Doctor wins innovation prize, heads to the streets

    The winner of George Washington University’s business plan competition aims to cut the number of emergency room visits in D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods.

    Dr. Freya Spielberg, a professor at GW, said she set out to demonstrate that “it’s possible to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable populations while also lowering healthcare costs.”

  • Public officials with ‘no idea what it means to serve’ main culprit behind low DHS morale, Kelly says

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said he’s not surprised by the low morale his workforce has felt for years. In his first public speech since becoming secretary, Kelly offered a glimpse of his management and leadership style and said lawmakers should “shut up and support the men and women on the front lines.”

  • Sofie Miller: Real impact of midnight regulations

    Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama didn’t have a lot in common. But they all issued a slew of midnight regulations — new rules issued between election and the inaugurations of their successors. But President Barack Obama seems to have been the champion. Why do they do it and what are the implications? Sofie Miller, senior policy analyst at George Washington University, offers her analysis on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Surge in information requests, hiring freeze puts pressure on overburdened FOIA offices

    Freedom of information advocates say the recent uptick in FOIA requests is due to a combination of current events and interest in the presidential transition. But the growing interest does mean an additional burden on already short-staffed FOIA offices.

  • Ron Marks: Common ground in OPM and Ashley Madison breaches

    Cyber breaches at the Office of Personnel Management and Ashley Madison may have something in common: you. The Los Angeles Times reports foreign spy services are hacking and aggregating data from U.S. networks to build their files on U.S. intelligence officers. Ron Marks is senior fellow for the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University and a former CIA special assistant. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose the OPM breach was never about identity theft, but a plan to learn more about what you’re doing and where you’re going.