Gordon Bitko

  • Executive Briefing Series: IT Modernization

    To bring some perspective to approaching modernization, cyber, and mission delivery, Federal News Network and Verizon convened a panel of federal IT practitioners to discuss these topics.

  • FBI CIO wants to bring ‘shadow IT’ innovations into the light

    FBI Chief Information Officer Gordon Bitko said there’s nothing wrong with technology-driven innovations that help employees perform their missions. The problem is the lack of coordination from on high.

  • Gordon Bitko: Encouraging innovation while consolidating enterprise IT services

    FBI Chief Information Officer Gordon Bitko is working to encourage innovation within agency standards while modernizing and consolidating enterprise IT services. Bitko discussed all of this and more with Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • FBI stays inside for new CIO

    Director James Comey announced to staff that Gordon Bitko has been chosen to be the new CIO.