identity management

  • Tracking Trends

    Identity theft is scary to most people and the crime seems to be increasing, rather than tapering off. That’s why the Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking security breaches for the past three years,…

  • Establishing Identity in a Cloud Computing Environment

    Aired Wednesday, July 15th at 2:05pm

    With the recent decision by the Federal government to move to a Cloud Computing environment, the role of verifying the identity of an authorized user as well as defining their rights once inside the cloud presents a series of opportunities as well as challenges.

  • Justice moves closer to secure sharing

    Department to lead the roll out of a federated identity management system for all law enforcement agencies. Justice ran a pilot and now plans on expanding the system nationwide by the end of 2010. The goal is to use technology that already exists and focus on standards and policies.

  • White House to give identity management a push

    Cyber coordinator Schmidt says the administration will issue a draft national strategy for secure online transactions by Friday. The goal is to make identity management easy to use, secure and interoperable to conduct business with the government and the private sector. Schmidt says transactions are key to everything the White House wants to do.

  • White House cyberspace draft strategy released

    IG: pilot information is at risk, Billions to be spent on smartgrid cybersecurity

  • Is Trust the next “Killer App”?

    August 12th, 2010 at 11 AM How does one assure trust in Cyberspace? As citizens, government, and business enterprise increase the amount of information that is shared online, fundamental questions arise around security requirements, data and identity management, and infrastructure. Trusted online environments can reduce costs, expand services, and are critical to protecting how, and to whom, information is shared. Securing identities in transactions is an essential component to building trusted online systems and a critical priority for both business and government. As online information sharing and collaborative services evolve between people and technologies, will trust emerge as the next ”Killer App”?

  • OMB, DHS working on new HSPD-12 guidance

    The memo is part of a broader effort to improve authentication to computers and buildings across government using secure identity cards. The White House also is close to finalizing the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. President Obama could sign the strategy this winter.

  • Former GSAer Spencer joins CertiPath

    By Jason Miller Executive Editor Federal News Radio Judy Spencer, who led several of the government’s efforts around public key infrastructure and identity management, retired from government after 36 years. Spencer’s last day at the…

  • NIST hires ASI’s Grant to run Trusted Identities Office

    By Jason Miller Executive Editor Federal News Radio For the second time in six months, the National Institute of Standards and Technology snagged another expert from industry. NIST announced Monday that Jeremy Grant will manage…

  • Exclusive: DHS mandates HSPD-12 card use

    The long-awaited memo requires agencies to develop a plan to implement physical and computer network access controls. DHS and GSA are also working together to help agencies improve physical access control.