identity management

  • Innovations in health IT modernization gives rise to cybersecurity challenges

    A more connected health IT landscape also increases the cyber threat landscape and introduces new challenges for security professionals.

  • Identity management from a secure perspective

    Mark McIntyre, chief security adviser, at Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group, joins John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss DoD’s CMMC initiative and shares some of his insights on cybersecurity and large federal systems.

  • A unique perspective on identity management

    Tim Li, principal at Deloitte, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to talk abouts Zero Trust, cybersecurity, and how federal agencies can incorporate best practices for identity management.

  • State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls pushed the ‘easy’ button for better identity management

    Karen Wrege, the chief information officer of the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls at the State Department, said having one system for identity credential and access management that is based on roles and responsibilities has solved one of the biggest challenges in government.

  • Fighting cyber threats with Identity Management

    On the “Innovation in Government Cyber Leaders” show, the creation and use of policies, standards, implementation and architecture to support robust and reliable Identity Management was the focus of our discussion.

  • HHS, DISA thinking beyond passwords with network security pilot

    The Department of Health and Human Services and the Defense Information Systems Agency are thinking beyond passwords when it comes to network security, and taking a step in identity management that has long been contemplated in government, but not actually implemented.

  • Identity management and the digital revolution

    Don Graham, director of Sales for Radiant Logic joins John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss how the digital revolution is changing identity management in the federal government.

  • The government’s model of identity is broken and here’s how to fix it

    Patrick Hearn, the CEO of Endeavor Worldwide, explains where agencies need to look next to provide a more secure and user-friendly identity credentialing and access management experience.

  • Identity management and mobile devices

    Jeremy Rissi, vice president Commercial and Public Sector at MobileIron, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to explain how a phone based system can be used to help federal agencies protect their data, and detect cyber threats.

  • How New York and Texas pursue secure identity and access management differently

    Federal News Network convened the panel “Identity and Access Management: A Top Priority for States in 2019” with several state CIOs to discuss IAM’s newfound popularity.