IT modernization

How the Marine Corps is achieving the DoD’s Data Strategy

The DoD Data Strategy emphasizes the need for security to be a primary consideration in any data modernization project. It also stresses that access should…

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Innovations systems connecting people and intelligence devices. Futuristic technology networking and data exchanges connection and computer industry from telecommunication and internet development.

IT modernization is evolving. It’s time to take another look

CIOs began realizing their IT systems strategies needed to make significant technological leaps, possibly leaving COBOL behind.

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Department of Interior

Interior’s IT modernization success relies on people, data

Bill Vajda, Interior’s chief information officer, said IT modernization is letting the agency train its employees to be problem solvers and not focused…

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How data can drive your IT modernization efforts faster

Agencies made the transformation during the pandemic emergency in a short amount of time and now they have to figure out how to continue this momentum.

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