IT modernization

  • Mitigating mainframe cyber blind spots through IT modernization

    Agencies have to figure out how to take a pragmatic approach to modernizing these legacy systems, to closing these security gaps and dramatically reduce risk while improving services to citizens.

  • Reduce cyber complexity on the way to IT modernization

    Rick Howard, the chief security officer for Palo Alto Networks, said the wide-spread acceptance of using cloud services for operational requirements is driving opportunity to modernize.

  • DoD strategic IT survey

    Federal News Network reached out to specific DoD IT leaders – for this Defense Department Strategic IT Survey – with precise questions about how they are transforming their systems and applications into cloudenabled assets.

  • How to get great applications without the coding

    Learn how low-code technologies and approaches can speed your agency’s journey to modern, world-class applications.

  • IT Modernization in Government 2019 “Progress & Best Practices”

    This program provides a progress report on IT modernization in government.

  • Modernizing IT at DHS: a conversation with Dr. John Zangardi

    What are the IT strategic priorities for DHS? How is it working to modernize its IT infrastructure? What is DHS doing to improve its network connectivity and resilience while maturing its cybersecurity posture? I explored these questions and more with Dr. John Zangardi who joined me and my cohost Don Fenhagen, IBM, from the SPADE conference for an insightful and in-depth discussion.

  • Beware of the COBOL cliff during your technology modernization journey

    Army Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford, the chief information officer/G6, said late last year he plans to modernize the service’s technology.

  • Improving the user experience can be a big, easy step toward IT modernization

    Eva Skidmore, the vice president of public sector for Salesforce, said agencies need to continue to improve customer service and IT modernization together by adopting open platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs).

  • GOP lawmakers, IRS watchdogs disagree on tax gap fix

    Members of the House Ways and Means Committee and IRS watchdogs have expressed concerns about the size of the agency’s tax gap — hundreds of billions of dollars that go uncollected each year — but disagree how best to close the gap.

  • 4 major takeaways from the IRS’s latest IT modernization strategy

    Despite the IRS’s repeated calls IT modernization over the past 25 years, several new elements stand out in this latest proposal.