Janice Haith

  • Navy preps cloud-first strategy as next step in modernization efforts

    Janice Haith, who retired Feb. 2 after 34 years in government, including the last six years as the Department of Navy’s deputy CIO for the U.S. Navy, said the DoN has seen millions of dollars in savings moving to an enterprise software license approach.

  • Navy, NSA, NASA IT executives lead the 2017 retiree migration

    The new year brings a host of people on the move, including a new deputy CIO at the Defense Department and a familiar face leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s IT office.

  • DoD climbs the cyber reciprocity hill

    Terry Halvorsen, the DoD chief information officer, signed a memo on Oct. 18 requiring military services and agencies to trust each other when accrediting and authorizing systems.

  • DoD CIO: ‘You cannot rest’ on shared cybersecurity system

    The Defense Department is taking growing pains in stride as it continues to work on its multi-year implementation plan of the cybersecurity system, the Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS).

  • Second DIUx site adds new rung of leadership

    The Defense Department released a directive explaining how it’s going to handle having East and West coast DIUx sites.

  • Navy will ask its workforce for help to solve legacy IT, cyber challenges

    The Navy said it wants to look outside the box for new solutions to its challenges with cybersecurity and embedded platform systems. Navy Deputy CIO Janice Haith said the service will launch a contest later this month to solicit ideas from its own workforce on getting rid of or modernizing outdated, tactical systems.

  • Navy tells IT managers to consolidate applications, fall in line with cyber rules

    Navy identified dozens of systems due to transition to new consolidated data centers, but are still at risk for failing to comply with DoD cyber regulations

  • Navy, Marine Corps see NGEN as gateway to commercial IT

    But both services say they hope to use the recompetition of NGEN to give commercial industry more of a hand in the IT services they’re providing to sailors and marines.

  • Janice Haith, Deputy CIO, Department of the Navy

    Until now, the Intelligence Community Information Technology Environment is mainly focused on serving the Intelligence Community. But DoD is taking baby steps toward deploying the intelligence community’s shared services plan to its components. Janice Haith, deputy CIO for the Department of the Navy, told an audience at an AFCEA luncheon, the Navy is already where it wants to be in adopting ICITE.

  • Navy finds billions of dollars in under-the-radar IT expenses

    As the Navy scours its IT systems to determine exactly what it owns, it’s discovered it operates double the data centers and tens of thousands of servers and applications more than it previously thought. The findings come more than a decade after the Navy implemented its Navy-Marine Corps Intranet, which was supposed to reduce the number of disparate systems run by the agency and eliminate stovepipes. All told, Navy’s IT budget could be as much as $4 billion more than it initially thought.