John Marshall

  • Customer’s voice may be key ingredient to make shared services work

    The Shared Services Coalition, the National Academy of Public Administration and the Senior Executives Association will release a new report highlighting lessons learned from a series of workshops over the last year.

  • Trump nominates 30-year government veteran to be new OPM director

    President Donald Trump announced his intention to nominate George Nesterczuk, a former senior adviser with broad government experience, to lead the Office of Personnel Management.

  • Stymied by risk, costs, shared services office crafts 4 ‘as-a-service’ approaches

    The Unified Shared Services Management office released a concept of operations and an RFI for software-as-a-service as part of its plan to continue moving the initiative forward in 2017.

  • John Marshall: New board eases transition to shared services

    The Office of Management and Budget has created a management board to shepherd agencies toward shared services. The goal is to bring together the various elements in a complex, time-consuming process. John Marshall, founder and CEO of the Shared Services Leadership Coalition, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to explain why the government needs this new board.

  • Agency demand pushes OMB to try another approach to shared services

    The Office of Management and Budget announced a new governance and oversight structure for the financial management shared services initiative. The oversight committee will create a strategy and the Unified Shared Service Management Team will drive the implementation of shared services across government.

  • Dave McClure & John Marshall: Shared services is the key to a modern federal cyber strategy

    Agencies are nearing the end of a 30-day cybersecurity sprint to fix major vulnerabilities in their systems. But every agency can’t afford to maintain its own critical infrastructure. Dave McClure is the chief strategist at the Veris Group. John Marshall is founder and CEO of the Shared Services Leadership Coalition. They tell In Depth with Francis Rose that the key to a modern federal cyber strategy starts at the shared services marketplace.

  • Shared services: A key part of a 21st century federal cyber strategy

    OPM’s recent cybersecurity breach shows how tight budgets, limited expertise and cultural blind spots create perfect storms of agency vulnerability throughout the federal environment.

  • New coalition helps agencies ‘pick up the pace’ on shared services

    Shared services providers could potentially save the federal government $50 billion per year, according to John Marshall, founder and CEO of a newly-created coalition. The Shared Services Leadership Coalition (SSLC), launched Tuesday, will help the government quickly consolidate several agency-specific platforms into a few government-wide ones.

  • John Marshall, CEO, Shared Services Leadership Coalition

    Everyone seems to agree: The use of shared services could save government agencies a lot of time and money. As the reasoning goes, why should multiple agencies have separate and expensive HR or financial systems all doing essentially the same functions? John Marshall is the founder and CEO of the Shared Services Leadership Coalition. This long-term federal senior executive joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to share some ideas for shared services.

  • To the cloud: analysis on why to make the move

    One of government’s biggest cloud believers details his latest move. Mark Forman, co-founder of Government Transaction Services joins In Depth with more on making the move to the cloud