Linda Springer

  • Does the administration have what it takes to reinvigorate an outdated civil service system?

    In part three of its special report, “Civil Service Reimagined: 40 Years Later,” Federal News Network looks at the Office of Personnel Management, and how it, past administrations and members of Congress have hindered the agency’s ability to lead and create change in the federal workforce.

  • Federal leaders say civil service merit principles are timeless. But is OPM?

    The Trump administration’s proposal to shift all personnel policy offices currently housed within the Office of Personnel Management to a new entity within the White House is earning some praise, but a lot of skepticism.

  • HUD, USDA bureau get new CIOs; OMB’s Springer to retire

    Former federal CIO Tony Scott and former SSA CIO Rob Klopp are both launched new companies while Mark Schwartz, the outgoing CIO at USCIS, announced he’s heading to Amazon Web Services.

  • The 59 OMB policies your agency no longer has to worry about

    Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney issued a memo detailing 59 data reporting and other requirements that either are no longer necessary, modified or paused as the first step to making the government more efficient.

  • The decluttering of the federal bureaucracy starts now

    Linda Springer, a senior adviser at the Office of Management and Budget, said in part 2 of her exclusive interview about the Trump administration’s reorganization plans that the White House wants to give agencies a lot of freedom in how they execute their plans.

  • All ideas are ‘on the table’ as agencies develop reorg plans

    Linda Springer, a senior adviser at OMB, said the Trump administration is borrowing from past administrations and modifying many long-held concepts to reorganize and restructure the government.

  • OMB, VA turn to experienced executives to hold down the fort

    Linda Springer, a former OMB and OPM appointee, is serving as the senior advisor to the director for management.

  • Major problems continue in DHS Green Card process

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, the Homeland Security Department’s inspector General points out many glaring problems with the agency’s process in distributing Green Cards.

  • Communication key in preparing for continuing resolution

    All signs point to the new fiscal year at starting under a continuing resolution. In Depth host Francis Rose says it’s a bad scenario, but by no means is it the worst.

  • Linda Springer: Don’t let a CR catch your agency unaware

    Congress has 10 work days when it gets back from recess to come up with a plan to fund the government for fiscal 2016. A continuing resolution looks like the most likely scenario. Linda Springer is former controller at the Office of Management and Budget and former director of the Office of Personnel Management. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose that your agency will be in better shape if you start planning for a CR now.