long term care

  • LTC Premiums Rising, So Who Needs It?

    Not you, IF you live in a germ-free, bomb-proof bubble.

  • Same Office, Very Different Workplace

    Editor’s Note: Click here to listen to Mike’s interview with OPM Director John Berry on yesterday’s Your Turn program. The location of the building and the color of your office walls may not change much…

  • Navigating the LTC Minefield

    The average civil servant is middle-aged and does not have a million dollars in the bank to take care of unplanned (and uncovered) medical or physical emergencies. If that description fits you, then you are…

  • Open season for long term care starts April

    Feds will be able to enroll in the Federal Long Term Care Program starting in April. OPM also extends eligibility to same-sex partners.

  • How your decisions can protect your loved ones

    For Your Benefit takes on the following issues this week – long term care, life and disability insurance, investing for the long and short term, and the Thrift Savings Plan. February 14, 2011

  • Without LTC, retirement planning may be incomplete

    If you’ve planned for retirement and haven’t given a second thought to long term care, you’re missing a big chunk of what you may need for retirement. Paul Forte, CEO of Long Term Care Partners, explains why.

  • Long term care and more

    Federal Times editor Steve Watkins joins host Mike Causey for a lively discussion of the big issues affecting feds. April 20, 2011

  • Long term care for you and your tax forms

    It’s the end of tax season, the middle of Long Term Care Open Season, and the height of spring cleaning season. We get tips for two our of three from certified financial planner Arthur Stein.

  • Long term care plans offer variety for feds

    Host Mike Causey is joined by Paul Forte and Beth O’Brien from Federal Long Term Care Partners and Federal Times Editor Steve Watkins to talk about long term care and an update on the bills that could impact feds. June 15, 2011

  • Federal long-term care plan boosts enrollment by 20 percent

    Enrollment in the federal long-term-care insurance program increased by 45,000 employees during the open season that ended June 24. It indicates that the aging federal workforce values the benefit despite recent rate hikes.