Michael Horowitz

Legislators look to make Oversight.gov a permanent fixture

In today’s Federal Newscast, the Oversight.gov Authorization Act would formally require the upkeep of the website where users can access all public reports…

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Rand Paul

Senator wants to reward feds who find extra federal money

In today’s Federal Newscast, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) would give federal employees bonuses, for flagging agency programs with more money than they can spend.

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GAO waiting on OMB’s master list of agency programs nearly 10 years past deadline

GAO estimates agencies could save billions of dollars by reducing the number of agency programs with overlapping missions, but the OMB has yet to complete…

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AP/Jacquelyn MartinOPM

Senate Democrats question new leader poised to take over OPM reorganization

Dale Cabaniss, the President’s nominee to become the next director of the Office of Personnel Management, said she would work with Congress to share information about the Trump administration’s proposed reorganization of the agency she may take over.

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