(AP/Graeme Jennings)United States Postal Service Postmaster General Louis DeJoy speaks during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on

USPS 10-year plan looks to redefine ‘unachievable’ service standards

The Postal Service, faced with unacceptable delays delivering mail and packages, is “evaluating all service standards” as part of a 10-year business plan.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/Ildo Frazao

New benefits for Medicare Advantage in 2019: Should feds consider these plans?

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Medicare racks up more than $7B annually for lab tests

It looks like changes to the program could make it worse. James Cosgrove, director of health care issues at the Government Accountability Office, had more…

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retirement claims

Federal benefits expert Tammy Flanagan answers Medicare questions

If you’re one of 10,000 people who will turn 65 years old today, you’re probably at least thinking of retiring. For federal employees this brings complicated…

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The many ways fraudsters can use your insurance against you

Jim Quiggle with the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud describes how crooks are using the new Medicare cards to defraud consumers.

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