• Former GSA executive Thomas lands new industry role

    Alan Thomas, who recently left after more than two years as the commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service at the General Services Administration, is the executive vice president of special projects at Trowbridge.

  • Why you may not have heard from the region’s best entrepreneurs

    Kevin DeSanto, managing director and co-founder of KippsDeSanto, discusses how the government contracting space, and the D.C. entrepreneurship community at large, is a lot more active and successful than you might think. For the biggest companies in the region, big personalities are a bit rarer than in Silicon Valley.

  • Insights from one of texting’s innovators

    Terry Hsiao, serial entrepreneur of companies like Hook Mobile and co-developer on projects like the one that helped unify the global texting platform, discusses current and future trends in telecommunications and the best qualities for entrepreneurship.

  • How to judge a company’s real culture

    Michael Avon, founder and CEO of ICX Media and venture investor at ABS Capital, discusses how businesses can use mergers and acquisitions to grow, even in their early stages. Avon explains that a lot of working together is required to make sure any company with acquisition potential fits with and builds on the original company’s culture.

  • How mergers and acquisitions drive our local economy

    Mergers and acquisitions, the process of businesses being sold and bought is basically the life blood of any entrepreneurial region, and our region is a hotbed for emerging acquisitions activity in the United States.

  • Get smart on selling your company

    Selling a small business can be an extremely difficult process for entrepreneurs. The financial hoops and legal terms can be foreign at first and require time for company leaders to understand a process that can get drawn out.

  • Sizing up the cyber market, Defense M&A targets, and contractor contributions

    Federal Technology Analyst Jason Wilson sizes up the defense cyber market. Defense Financial Analyst Sopen Shah looks at potential targets for mergers and acquisitions. Data Analyst Peter Brusoe looks at how federal contractors are donating money this campaign season.

  • DoD to stop some industry mergers

    The Department of Defense is trying to stop mergers among the nation’s largest weapons contractors.

  • DoD: No mergers for biggest contractors

    The Defense Department’s acquisition chief said mergers would hurt competition.