Michael Fischetti

  • How many procurement regulations were finalized in 2017? The answer may surprise you

    The Trump administration’s 2-in, 1-out regulations initiative stymied the advancement of new acquisition rules.

  • The age of procurement uncertainty

    Michael Fischetti, executive director of the National Contract Management Association, joins host Mark Amtower to discuss uncertainties in procurement funding, priorities, and programs. July 10, 2017

  • Low morale, cut corners just a few of agencies’ contracting woes while Congress debates federal funding

    Congress has been criticized for kicking the can down the road when it comes to federal spending, but as the government shutdown clocks ticks closer to midnight — and agencies dust off their contingency plans — some are wondering if that kicked can might be the best option right now.

  • Distinguishing fact from myth with government contracting data

    Michael Fischetti, executive director of NCMA, makes the case that agencies and industry are equally suffering because of changes to the federal market.

  • What will make category management trickle down?

    A new Office of Federal Procurement Policy memo and proposed rule by the FAR Council are part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to change the way agencies buy products and services.

  • All things contracting

    NITAAC Program Director Rob Coen, and Michael Fischetti, executive director of the National Contract Management Association, join host Mark Amtower to discuss a wide variety of contracting issues. December 21, 2015

  • Michael Fischetti: It’s time to de-clutter the contracting landscape

    The two-year budget and debt deal President Barack Obama signed may bring some certainty to the government business and contracting space, especially if Congress passes an omnibus spending bill for the rest of this fiscal year. But shutdowns, continuing resolutions and other budget problems have left a lot of clutter on the contracting landscape. Michael Fischetti, a fellow and executive director of the National Contract Management Association, wrote about clearing out that clutter.

  • Michael Fischetti: Innovation is primarily a people issue

    Better Buying Power at the Pentagon is only one example of attempts to innovate in the acquisition space. The new acquisition corps that’s set up like the U.S. Digital Services office is another one, but it’s focused on policy and process. Michael Fischetti is executive director of the National Contract Management Association. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose that government spends too much time thinking about process — and not enough about people.

  • Acquisition workers as critical thinkers: A change that has to happen

    In Federal News Radio’s special report, Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform, the Defense Acquisition University, the Federal Acquisition Institute and other experts say a new kind of acquisition worker is needed. One that brings business acumen, understands technology and knows the FAR forward and back. The ever-evolving training regime for federal acquisition workers is no longer just about the hard skills of acquisition.

  • Are tight budgets straining trust between agencies, industry?

    Are federal budget and staffing shortfalls — particularly among the federal government’s acquisition workforce — fueling a climate of mistrust between the government and its contractors? Experts told Federal News Radio as part of the special series, Trust Redefined: Reconnecting Government and Its Employees explore the importance of communication in building trust.