• DoD breaks mobile security roadblock

    The Defense Department is in the final stages of a test to show how derived credentials from the Common Access Card can secure smartphones and tablet computers. Richard Hale, the deputy CIO for cybersecurity, boldly predicts that by the end of the calendar year the military will be issuing derived credentials on mobile devices.

  • Will new Federal CIO Tony Scott make feds eat dog food?

    Federal News Radio’s Tom Temin asks if ‘dogfooding’ can help federal IT.

  • Dr. Jeff Norris, OnSight Program Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    NASA and Microsoft have teamed up on a project to let scientists and astronauts walk virtually on Mars. Project OnSight employs new, wearable technology just released last month. For more on the program and its possibilities, Jeff Norris, NASA’s OnSight program manager, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive.

  • Susie Adams, CTO, Federal Business Practice, Microsoft

    New cybersecurity standards for cloud systems are on the way. The FedRAMP office at the General Services Administration is drafting a new set of rules this month to qualify cloud systems for use with FISMA high specifications. Susie Adams is chief technology officer for federal business practice at Microsoft. On In Depth with Francis Rose, she described the evolution of cloud in the government.

  • Navy is moving its email to the cloud – only questions are how and when

    The Navy is testing Microsoft’s Office 365 as one potential option for migrating its email users to a cloud-based service. But the cost of securing the system is yet to be determined.

  • Social media & security clearance professionals

    Evan Lesser, founder and director of will discuss how cleared professionals should be dealing with social media. September 5, 2014

  • Collateral damage of Snowden leaks being felt in cyber, public trust

    Chief legal counselor to NSA says intelligence disclosures may have set back efforts to improve nation’s cybersecurity posture because of increasing unease about public-private cooperation, and that it’s time to reexamine the digital privacy trust relationship between government and the public.

  • What’s new at Microsoft?

    Susie Adams, the chief technology officer for Microsoft Federal, joins host John Gilroy to discuss some new offerings from Microsoft and what they mean for federal IT professionals. July 8, 2014

  • How to understand big data

    Keith Boyer, the chief operating officer for DMG Federal will discuss how his company can help your agency with data management. March 4, 2014

  • Railroad Retirement Board sets strategy to move off COBOL

    Ram Murthy, the RRB chief information officer, is following a four-year IT enterprise roadmap to modernize his agency’s back-office systems. January 30, 2014