Modernizing Government Technology Act

FILE - The Department of Homeland Security logo is seen during a news conference in Washington, Feb. 25, 2015. DHS says a looming Supreme Court decision on abortion, an increase of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border and the midterm elections are potential triggers for extremist violence over the next six months. DHS said June 7, 2022, in the National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin the U.S. was in a

DHS working capital fund provides ‘additional avenue’ for IT, facilities improvements

The “non-recurring expenses fund” doesn’t have a flashy name, but it could become a “significant tool” for DHS to make both IT and facilities improvements.

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CIO reporting, working capital funds remain outliers in agency IT modernization progress

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Margie Graves

Federal deputy CIO Graves to move on to private sector

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Cyber, IT modernization: Commitment to risk management holds key to many locks

Matt Shabat, the U.S. strategy manager for Glasswall Solutions, makes the case for how using a risk management framework can lead to real savings that…

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These are the three agencies that won extra money for IT modernization

The Technology Modernization Fund board chose three more projects to receive extra funding and it still has $31.5 million to hand out for a possible third…

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Are we missing the forest with IT modernization?

Alan Balutis, a senior director and distinguished fellow for Cisco Systems U.S. Public Sector, makes the case for why agencies should take some year-end spending and save it for IT modernization efforts.

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