JPL the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) radio telescope in Okanagan Falls, Canada

Federal astronomers now determining where fast radio bursts come from

Thanks in large measure to the work of Dr. Matthew Kerr, a research physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory, we know exactly where in the cosmos at…

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Ready for modernization? US Digital Service launches ‘maturity determination tool’ to make that call

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/chombosanAI (artificial intelligence) concept.

Naval Research Lab looks to boost employee retention through AI

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Associated Press

Angel Callahan & John Schaub: Navy’s Vanguard satellite, oldest in orbit, turns 60

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Detail of two business people sealing the deal with bribe money. Selective focus

Another potential buyer for CSRA

In today’s Federal Newscast, CACI International makes an offer to buy IT contractor CSRA after it had already agreed to a deal with General Dynamics.

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Driving innovation in a world of caution

Dave Mihelcic, federal chief technology and strategy officer for Juniper Networks, discusses innovation, information assurance, security, integration and…

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SAMMIE Tracker: the secret to success

Peter Wilhelm has developed and deployed 95 satellites, pioneering significant advances from lunar exploration to GPS to global weather forecasting. We talk with the Director of the Naval Center for Space Technology about his work.

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