Performance Improvement Council

  • New playbook trying to make performance metrics more than just a compliance exercise

    Kate Josephs spent the last two years as the executive director of the Performance Improvement Council where she focused on having program managers take advantage of data to make decisions. Josephs left government July 29 to return to a new role in the UK government.

  • Performance Council looking for new director; NASA gets a CISO

    Kate Josephs is leaving the PIC after two years, while NASA gets a new CISO in Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz.

  • Can Google teach federal executives how to manage people?

    In recent years, the U.S. government has sought Silicon Valley’s technical expertise when its websites fail. Now it’s looking to tech’s biggest player to help solve a stubborn problem of another kind: bad bosses.

  • Performance management and the DATA act

    Jon Desenberg from the Performance Institute, Bethany Blakey of the Performance Improvement Council, and Hudson Hollister of the Data Transparency Coalitition will participate in a roundtable discussion of federal performance management and the DATA Act. May 23, 2014

  • Agencies highlight accomplishments, prepare for new performance goals

    The White House will release an updated list of agency high-priority goals and cross-agency priority goals with the annual budget request to Congress in March. Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget detailed agency successes over the last two years in meeting current goals.

  • OMB’s Metzenbaum leaves behind an invigorated performance culture

    Shelley Metzenbaum’s last day was Friday after four years at OMB as the associate director for personnel and performance. She said agencies understand now, more than ever, that setting goals and measuring their performance against them makes a big difference in how they meet their missions.

  • Performance improvement has ‘turned the corner’ in government

    Shelley Metzenbaum said agencies are doing a better job in setting outcome-based goals and using data to measure their progress. OPM is finalizing guidance and training to use the competence models for performance improvement positions. Treasury and DHS are setting their own path to using data to meet their mission goals.

  • Performance symposium no longer just for DoD

    JD Sicilia, Director of Strategic Management and Performance at DoD and Rosye Cloud, director of Performance Improvement Council join Francis Rose for the Executive Hour on In Depth

  • Performance management on agencies’ front burners

    President Obama has said publicly that he is a big fan of performance management, and wants to blend its practice into the day-to-day operation of the Federal Government. But what does that mean for feds who are tasked with actually making the wheels of government turn every day? The Association of Government Accountants convened a conference to discuss performance in government.

  • OMB’s new performance framework to combine the best of the past

    Deputy director for management Jeffrey Zients hires Shelley Metzenbaum to help lead the performance management effort. OMB to lean on the Performance Improvement Council to develop and advocate for new approach.