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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/AzriSuratmin)CONTRACT AWARDS on missing puzzle

GSA, DHS making big push to address shortcomings in contractor assessments

Two agencies are attempting to improve the Contractor Performance Assessment Retrieval System (CPARS) process, which many say isn’t working as intended.

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Headshot of Soraya Correa

DHS gives its ‘backlog’ of contract closeouts a taste of the PIL

Soraya Correa, chief procurement officer at the Homeland Security Department, said the Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) collaborated with others in the…

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DHS: Collaboration with industry ‘will make us stronger’

Leaders at the Homeland Security Department say they need industry’s help to meet agency mission, and modernize the department’s acquisition and cybersecurity…

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McCormack, Correa partner to turn DHS IT buying on its head

Luke McCormack, the DHS chief information officer, and Soraya Correa, the DHS chief procurement officer, are collaborating to move the department into a more agile process for buying and developing technology systems.

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